Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm my fitness tracker's bitch

When I went out to garden (i.e. tend to my two window boxes of geraniums), I noticed it was not africa hot. At all. It was kind of nice out. Not at all like yesterday.

When I came back in, I happened to check my tracker and I was sorely in need of steps and nothing in the fridge was calling out to dinner so I thought of options. My first few choices weren't enough steps. So I went over to the Japanese market and got Thai food from the food court. Also I picked up a poke bowl for lunch tomorrow which now begs the question about where tomorrow's steps are going to come from since no lunch outing. hmmmmm

It did get a little too warm coming home - still so not like yesterday. When I got home I checked and it's 75 degrees. So now I know overcast and 75 or lower - clear sailing for a walk. Especially since I now have the barometer of yesterday. Last Summer, I rarely went outside at all. I walked around the garage if I walked at all. I'm going to be better this year. I hope.

There's a fun LJ friendzy going on here.
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