Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's OK

I got out to the ATM and to grab a sandwich while it was still cloudy so mercifully cool. I even walked the longer way to take longer advantage of it. Then the sun came out and I scurried back home. It's now overcast a little which is nice.

The sewing room stayed warm but tolerable. I got my shirt finished and it's ok. It looks pretty much like a K-Mart fat lady's shirt but that's because of the fabric I used. I ironed out the kinks in the pattern and got rid of that fabric which I didn't like anyway. So now I'm ready for THE good shirt.

It's going to be the same pattern but with woven fabric - Mariners fabric blocked with navy and some red trim. The navy and red coming from old sheets. It's going to be really fun and very airy. I'm jazzed. I got all the pieces cut out but I know better than to start a new project in the afternoon. I am a morning person and starting something in the afternoon is just asking for trouble.

So now I'm in front of the air conditioner where I think I'll hang til dinner and likely after. My sweater is done but for trim. However, the trim is all along the sweater bottom which means the whole, heavy, thing has to be in my lap to do it. Nope. Thanks. Plenty of time for that when it's not so friggin hot.

I have a new knitting project that is way smaller and lighter weight. I'll start on that.

I found a new maybe for bears and dolls. It's a different baby bank. I sent them an email today asking. Here's hoping. I hate hate hate begging people to take my stuff. I need a charity agent :)

I just remembered the geraniums in window boxes on the terrace. Bet there are some dead heads that need getting gone and they are thirsty. On it.
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