Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cloudy with a chance of recovery

The sun is hiding behind clouds. I hope he's taking a time out to reflect on his VERY BAD behavior of yesterday. At least I can have the blinds up today without being assaulted.

When I had canned lights added to my living room ceiling a few years ago, I splurged and made them LEDs and I am so glad that I did. Light without heat. But, my undermount cabinet lights in the kitchen are cheap LEDs and they do throw out heat. So I ordered a couple of small motion sensor lamps for the dark corners and, hopefully, that will give me light without the extra heat. I also got a small LED bed side lamp so that I don't have to have the overhead lamp on (NOT LED).

I'm all about the cool now.

And drugs. I have two more days of prednisone and I plan to wallow in them. No coughing at all and feeling FINE with energy and enthusiasm to burn. I know that it won't last once the drug stops but it will be better than before and at least I have a guarantee of fab for two more days. It's seriously my drug of choice.

Today is sewing. I have an idea for a Mariners blouse (for the two upcoming day games) that has more air flow. But, first I want to try it out on some cheap fabric. So that's today's main project. IF it stays cool enough to work in the sewing room (which is farthest away from the air conditioner or any air source so it may not be doable for long).

No baseball today - day off. But, I can't wait til the next broadcast. The local TV coverage is done by Roots Sports NW. They have this shtick called # where I root. They want everyone to post pictures of where they are when they are rooting on the team. They do it 4 or 5 times throughout a game. I don't know why but it always annoys the crap out of me.

BUT now siobhan63 tells me that root is OZ for fuck. And now I love love love Where I root! I can't wait to see the annoying pictures of people with their stupid hash tag and the announcement about where they fuck.

And in other baseball news, my next Diamond game is a week from tonight. And it is 1. at night yeah. and 2. They've now turned it into fireworks night! And the pool won't open until 8 am on Tuesday (because it's the 4th) so I get to sleep in. Nice antidote for yesterday.

My friends from New Zealand will be here a week from tomorrow. I have a nice list going of things we need to do, see and places we need to eat. They are only here from Tuesday afternoon to Saturday morning. My list is now too long. Sigh. Wonder if they'd be up for more than 3 meals a day. Hmmmmm
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