Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Worth it? Don't ask me before at least tomorrow.

It is now 5 pm and the game is over (we lost big time) and it is 93 degrees. Twitter tells me the last time we got passed 93 degrees in Seattle was 2002. Record high for this day is 88.

Sitting in the sun for 4+ hours was less than fun. The pregame meal was fabulous. The bloody mary was really really good. And then it just went downhill. The game stared at 1. The shade over my seat started at 4.

I am surprised I did not get arrested on the way home for being too dirty to be in public. I am a gross bag of sweat and too tired to do a thing about it. And now Zoey has decided this is a great time to cuddle. Yeah, cat fur and sweat. GREAT combo.

Next day game is at the end of July. I hope by then I will have forgotten how miserable today was.

Thankyoujesus for my air conditioner.
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