Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm sitting here in front of my air conditioner trying to get chilled enough to walk outside and up to the ballpark and sit in the sun for the rest of the day.

Yesterday, several times, as I rushed to get out of the sun and at least into the shade if I couldn't find air conditioning, I saw people purposefully sitting in the sun. On purpose! So I know it happens. I am actually a little worried about walking home after the game. The sun will still be out hot and strong and I will be fried and it's a half mile. Guess we'll see what happens.

I totally forgot about the newspaper being delivered now so I didn't see it until I was leaving for the pool. Kind of nice to have it to look forward to. I may or may not get it read before I leave for the game.

My new swim suit is a fail. I thought it would be when I was finishing it yesterday. But it just doesn't work for swimming. I stitched the arm holes wrong (tried a new technique that did not work) and my dominant arm nearly wore a hole in my side while swimming. Oh well, the fabric was marked way down and I didn't love it. $5 down the drain. Somebody at Goodwill may be happy.

I am starving. I can't wait to see what the day game Diamond Club buffet will be.
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