Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


All of a sudden I'm on a spending spree. Nothing big - well, one thing - but lots of little shit from Amazon and Walmart and even Michaels. I need to put the brakes on here. The one big thing is the new Amazon Show that I ordered a while back but is supposed to arrive on Wednesday.

One thing I just bought was another year of Audible. They are running a special for new customers. Their $150 a year for 12 books total is now $99 for new customers. My account was due to reup on August so I just went to their site and fired up a chat and asked if I should cancel and rejoin to get the lower price or if that was even allowed. The customer service rep said heck no, if I wanted, she'd just renew me at the lower price right now. And she did. Sweet.

I had a big fight with my latest swim suit this afternoon. The new trick I tried didn't work too well and the recovery almost didn't work at all and it was getting hot back there. But, I finally pulled it out of the bag.

Then I walked down the street to the new cafe which is really just a very beautiful coffee shop - at least so far. But, it was nice and I welcomed them to the neighborhood and they were gracious.

I came home and cut out a new top to assemble sometime next week and then made dinner - sausage and mac and cheese and a chopped salad. Pretty excellent actually. Now I'm knitting - I think I'm going to finish this sweater this weekend. This, of course, being the first weekend since last September that no sweater is needed anywhere near here.

And, of course, watch the baseball game. It is really nice not to feel like crap. Really nice.
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