Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Road to recovery - finally fucking found it!

Contrary to what the pharmacist warned, I had no trouble getting to sleep. I did wake up twice with severe coughing but... my ear is WAY better, my head is almost not stuffy, and I feel energetic! I even swam fast - best pace since I started tracking the pace with my Fitbit. Watch out world... this is some serious resurrection here.

The prednisone is for the cough which I full expect to lose completely today. Hallifuckinglooyah. Lessons learned. Next time, at the first sign of anything, I'm going in to see the doctor. No matter what. The end. It has been said that I won't suffer fools but from now on, I just won't suffer at all. You heard it here first.

Last night I turned on the A/C for the first time this year. We still have some cool nights but, if I turn it on when it's not yet hot, it stays ahead of the game and does not have to work as hard. And so we begin Summer here at SDHQ. As long as it's gone by Labor Day, I'm ok with it.

Sunday is supposed to be very hot and sunny and, of course, that's my first day Diamond seat game. Ordinarily, I would not even go outside on a day like that but... it's the Mariners and a Diamond seat so I'm planning now. I just looked up the stadium regs. I can take in empty bottles. So I will take my small spray bottle and fill it with water when I get there. And my thermos - ice water for it. And I have my wide brimmed sun hat. The main issue will be attitude. But, I have a few days left to fix that.

Today I need to fix my Mariner's shirt. Usually I wear it over a long or short sleeved t-shirt but Sunday will be too hot for two shirts so I need to modify it so it can fly solo. I also have a wallet cut out and ready to assemble and another swim suit. So there will be sewing. It feels so nice to have the energy to think about doing stuff. Oh and laundry. No one has done laundry in this house for way too long.
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