Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not a horrible day

No word from the doctor so good thing the prednisone request wasn't an emergency. Yeah, I know, I should have called if I wanted it fast. But, I didn't. So I whine. If it weren't for my ear and this cough, I'd almost say I was getting better which I probably am but I want far less ear hurty before I concede.

On the bright side, I was sewing up my latest shirt. I when I got to the part where I needed the seam tape, the mail carrier brought it! Literally just in time delivery.

And then, when it was time for an afternoon snack, UPS brought my Perfect Size for 1 Cake. So I had cake for a snack.

It was this one.

I had a thing of Betty Crocker butter cream icing in the fridge so I dolloped a little on top - cause cake needs icing, right?

First I should explain that my cake requirements are pretty plain and simple. My very favorite cake of all times is white cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. Really. This was fancier with bits of carmel and chocolate in it. But, a quick mix with a little water and 60 mins in the microwave and UMMMMM Good! Really. It did NOT need the icing at all. It was just good.

These will now be my go to deserts. From now on. Amazon is still showing 1-2 months to ship and some for $8 but Walmart has 'em cheaper and shipping in two days. Each box has 4 cakes. There are a lot of flavors I want to try. I still haven't seen the first one in an actual store.


Also in the middle of this entry, I got a call from a doctor. My Doctor is on vacation. Dr. #2 is the one I saw earlier in the week and the one that I sent the request to. Dr. #3 got the request and wasn't high on the idea of writing me the prescription. He suggested giving the antibiotic a could more days. I listened to what he had to say and then pointed out that I was staring down the nose of a weekend and I had just had enough of being miserable and knew from experience that prednisone would fix me quick. He relented. He was very nice and it was only after I hung up that I realized he had called me directly! Not his office person or his assistant. He did. Which was really really nice.

I hopped in the car to the pharmacy where both cashiers said 'back again??!' I told them I was doing a drug tour and was going to try each one they had. I told them I couldn't remember the name of the doctor and so one of them looked it up and said 'oh! he's my doctor! he's soooo nice.' They fixed me up. What a most pleasant experience.

The only side effect I've ever experienced from prenisone is that I feel better - way better - quickly. Hopefully, that tradition will hold this time.

Earlier this afternoon I went down the street to the fabric shop. Next month, I have a class there to learn how to clone my favorite long sleeved t-shirt and how to use a serger. I have fabric but I thought it would be classier to actually buy some from them. Plus they give a discount for fabric for class. I got two nice prints - one for sleeves and one for shirt.

So it hasn't been a horrible day at all.

The Mariners play again tonight. They've won the last three by playing really well. It would be fun if they did it again tonight.
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