Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day on millionth of feeling like crap.

My head feels marginally less clogged up but now one of my ears is screaming. I only woke up coughing about 3 times last night and none was for very long. But, I still do feel like crap. The muscles of my rib cage are also not happy. I sent the doctor a note this morning and ask for the prednisone. One day of that and all will be fixed.

I ran into Sandy, the HOA president, coming in from the pool this morning. She mentioned something about Michael (the old building manager) and I allowed as I had not been a fan and, in fact, am enjoying the calmness of the public areas now that he's not running the show any more. She did not appear to be surprised and I was glad to have found a way to let her know. I also let her know that I very much appreciated the touch and style of the interim guy who, she says wants the job. So... an interesting pre 7am chat!

Oh and she also said she's been in touch with the guy to fix the leak in my terrace ceiling so all good. No rain the the future will help that, too.

It does appear that I may finally need to turn on the A/C in the next day or two. This is like the Junes of old. The past 5 years have been way hotter way earlier so this has been just lovely. But all good things... and at least I have the cool at the ready.

I have a shirt cut out and ready but I have held off sewing it waiting for some seam tape I ordered. It was due to come in next week but I just got a text that it will be here today! Also one of those Duncan Hines Just Perfect cake in a mug mixes is coming today. So nice day for deliveries, I hope.
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