Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stupid and Brilliant

I figured out this morning why ... for the past week + that I've had this cough, my go to cough miracle - benzonatate - has not been working. I thought it was just because everything else was broken so why should it work. And then, this morning, I realized that the pills I have been taking are expired. Yes, folks. I've been taking dead medicine and expecting it to work. And, what's even more stupider is that I have a fresh bottle of benzonatate that I haven't touched. Fuck me. I tossed the old and took the new and, guess what? Coughing halted totally. That kind of stupid should not be legal.

I did get all my errands done this morning and then came home to a totally wonderful clean house. I went to bed and slept an solid hour, woke up and did it again. And really have not done much of anything else.

There are two games here tonight. The Mariners play at 7 and then here closer to me by a block, the soccer team plays at 7:30. The 'hood will be packed to the gills.

I was sitting here about 3:30 trying to think of what to have for dinner. I didn't feel like making anything. Going anywhere was totally out of the question traffic wise and all of the neighborhood restaurants will be packed. I looked at Amazon Prime for delivery but none of the good stuff is delivered early. And then I realized I was starving right now. Why wait for dinner time?

So I put on my shoes and walked across the street to the sports bar which was not yet busy but gearing up and ordered one of their cheeseburgers with their hand cut shoestring fries to go. Their hamburgers are tall and serviced with grilled onion, cheese, lettuce, really good pickles and bacon and so... not something you really want to eat in public. They are of the juice down the arm variety.

I bought it home and sat at my dining room table and just pigged out. It was so delicious that I could hardly stand it. Really. Plus it brightened my mood considerably and clean up involved throwing the packaging in the trash so my kitchen is still clean.

It was really the best idea I've had in forever. Plus, maybe now that I'm not taking nothing pills, I'll be able to sleep tonight without coughing. God I am so tired of being sick.
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