Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm so sick of being sick

Last night's ballgame ended in a 10th inning walk off which was lovely. But, I watched it from my bed. I went to the game and I had a wonderful dinner but I soon discovered that sitting in the stands was just not going to work. My seat is in the very middle of a row. To get out, I have to crawl over 11 people no matter which way I go. To keep from coughing, I have to be sipping something constantly. I can't sit there and sip something constantly without worrying about how I was going to crawl all over all those people to get out to go pee. It was just too distracting.

So at the end of the 3rd inning, I went inside the club. Which was really nice. There were TV's everywhere so you could still easily watch the game. I met a really nice lady named Ruthie. We sat at a table and nibbled on snacks and watched the game. About the 7th inning I decided to head on home. I really just felt like shit.

I only missed a half inning. I stayed up late hoping that being super sleepy would enable me to sleep better. Wrong. I coughed pretty much all night long. It was miserable.

My gut is telling me this morning that the antibiotic is working. Per mixter11nm's advice, I need to go get some acidophilus this morning. Yogurt clearly isn't up to the task. I kind of wish I'd just gotten the prednizone instead of this antibiotic but, too late now.

On the bright side, my swim was wonderful. I swear, I think I'd just be all over miserable all the time without swimming.

Today is house cleaner day. So when she gets here, I'll head out for errands. Today just has to be better.
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