Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ok, I give up, the cold wins. I'm calling the doctor.

At 12:30 this morning, I woke up coughing - hard like chest hurting hard. And I did that for a solid hour. Finally I cranked my bed up to an almost sitting position and the albuterol and benzonatate kicked in and I was finally able to go back to sleep. It was horrible and scary.

This morning I got up and it was better. I had a really good swim. But, now, I can feel the tickle that will be coughing. The doctor's office opens at 8. I will be calling them then. I've had enough. Last time this happened about 5 years ago, he dosed me up with prednizone which worked a miracle so, hopefully, that or something like it is at the ready.

Spell check is not happy about these drug names - it wants to correct albuterol to butterball which is cracking me up.

I see that LJ is now providing what appears to be a nice way to import Facebook entries. I love this. I'd love it if people actually did this. I could get friends' updates and completely sidestep the pain of Facebook. I wish they had done this years ago during The Great LJ to Facebook Migration. But, I do love that LJ is making good, valuable changes and additions. (Sucking up, LJ... gimme the new editor, please!)

Yesterday, I got to Uwajimaya too early for the poke bowl I wanted. The woman in the kitchen said she'd make me one - 10 minutes? - Sure. So I went wandering around and found an OXO coffee tumbler that I'm using for the first time right now and I love it. It's a great size. It doesn't leak and the lip is high enough so that it doesn't dribble either. And it's not metal. Great find. Thank you, poke bowl lady.

There's a restaurant here in town called 13 Coins. The first weekend in my new condo, John came up from San Jose and his sister came in from Chicago, both of them to visit and see my new place. I had not even unpacked yet but it was fine. We explored the city together. Friday night, John, who had lived here in the 70's, took us to what he announced was a fine, old Seattle institution. It was 13 Coins. I fell in love. For the first dozen or so years after I moved here until he went to work in Japan, John came every year for Christmas. It was our tradition, on Christmas Day, to go eat at 13 Coins. They are open 24/7 and don't take reservations and always had a place for us. Good food. Fabulous people. Many of the staff, who were there that first night, are still there today.

I jumped for joy when I learned, last year, that they were planning to open a restaurant in the new hotel going up two blocks from here. But, today, I got even better news. They are closing the original location and bringing all the staff over here to 'my' new 13 Coins! Which means that 1. Their plans to open are solid. 2. It will really really really be the good old 13 Coins but, within easy walking distance. Did I mention that they have the best bloody mary in the entire world?

Diamond Club game tonight. Yahoooo!!!
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