Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The snot train continues

I am beyond over this cold. Last night it woke me up at 2 am. I raised the head of the bed and managed to finally fall back asleep for a little bit. This morning I have a cough that worries me. And I honestly believe that one of these times, when I blow my nose, it will just fall right off. Bitch moan bitch moan.

On the up side, I did get back to the pool today and it was wonderful. It just felt so good to stretch out and get and stay wet all over. Gliding through the water is just the best feeling. And, at least I didn't cough while swimming.

Oh and my new suit swam perfectly. This was really excellent news since I tried several new tricks all of which turned out to be winners. I'm now excited for future suits. I have a couple that need retirement.

I just did my morning check of bank accounts and credit cards and was dismayed to see the balance in the account I use to pay bills was lower than I expected. Then I found the money. Some idiot had paid the Amazon store card account twice. Oh well. It wasn't a huge amount and the slack will soon be taken up by my normal Amazon purchases. But, dumb.

I got nothing going on today in particular which is just as well as that is about what I'm up for today. Tomorrow is a Diamond Club baseball game which is doubly good since it's also a game when The Obnoxious ex-Player will be ruining the TV broadcast. AND it looks like it will also be one of the last cool-ish evenings until September. So I'm going to enjoy it three times more than normal.

I was watching the game in Texas yesterday. Since getting my fancy tickets, I'm all focused on the first few rows shown when the camera is on the batter. Are they padded? In a special section? Look like they have seat service? As good a deal as my seat??

I looked up the Texas stadium deal yesterday and it appears that they don't have as many of the fancy seats and the dining room is the next level up. Part of the fun of the Mariners experience is entering in a special door just for Diamond Club seats. And then you are only a few steps away from the dining room/bar which leads right out to your special padded seats. Better than Texas I think.

It's cloudy and cool outside right now. If it is still this way after 10, I might just take a trot up to the Japanese grocery and score a poke bowl for lunch. The walk would be good and so would the poke bowl!
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