Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I really enjoyed reading the tree killer paper this morning! I'll betcha it's been 5 or 6 years since I actually picked up a newspaper and held the pages in my hand. This morning I read it from page one to the last page of the last section and learned stuff I didn't know, found stuff I would have not found otherwise and was just shocked by what a good experience it was. Maybe I am a ludite.

I will say that it is abundantly clear who else is reading this paper. The ads are all for hearing aids, tubs you can sit in, walkers, retirement villages and incontinence fixes. On the up side, none of the models in these ads are size 000.

It is borderline kinky how much I love my new sewing machine. It has one critical stitch that I've never had on a machine. It's a stitch for sewing on stretchy fabrics. You can almost replicate on other machines but never get there totally. The swimsuit I made this morning is the best one I have ever made because I got to use that stitch. Plus it was the easiest and will be the nicest because it has the least sewing and the stitching is so smooth. Nothing to chafe.

I'm so delighted with it. I was almost tempted to toss the box but decided to wait the full 30 days. No sense in being reckless.

My nose is so tired of being blown. On the up side, at least I have enough tissues. My Amazon Subscribe and Save tissue shipment came in just last week.

The marathon is still ending outside. We in lulls of just crowd murmur noise punctuated with YEAH! You can do it!! Only 10 more feet!!! I kind of feel like I should get tracker points since they are preventing me from doing my own exercise. No bitter. nope.

Now it's time for the Mariner game.
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