Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My personal wayback machine

Because it was a cheaper deal, I opted for the digital but also Sunday tree version delivered Seattle Times subscription. (The all digital was more expensive because advertisers pay more for tree version subscription numbers.)

Today was the first day in many many years that I had a newspaper at my door in the morning. I scooped it up early because I didn't want my neighbors to know I'm such a luddite.

And here's what I learned.

1. The front pages of the various sections led with stories that were online last week. I read one of them early last week.
2. The advertising sections are still kind of interesting to peruse through.
3. They still have Parade Magazine but it's tiny now.

Interesting. I'm so far enjoying the subscription even though neither the web version nor the app are such that I can log in and 'read' my way through easily. They both suck big time. But, their twitter feed is good enough that I can get the news I want fairly easily. We'll see how much I'm enjoying it when the $1 a week turns to $5 a week in a month.

I know from experience and badrobot68 reiterates, cancelling will be a major headache but I have a plan and I'm ready if I need to do it

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