Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I bought a new sewing machine

A year ago last March, my $100 Singer machine died. The repair shop wanted $150 to diagnose the issue. Instead, I bought a Pfaff Passport 2. It was $450. It broke in 9 months and after six weeks, they wanted to charge me something like $200 to fix it. I argued for a week that I should pay $0 to fix a machine that was still under warranty. I finally $30 for the fix. In the last month or so, it's been having more issues. I do have a new fix it place to take it but I'm sure their base price for diagnostics is $100+.

So I did research this time. Lots of research. And found a machine that does everything I want It has tons of glowing reviews on Amazon, Reddit and various sewing blogs. There are a bunch of YouTube videos on how to make it do all the stuff I want. After taxes, it was $170. My plan was to order it, try it and if I didn't love it, send it right back. It came today. Early this morning, actually, and I do love it. I kept the box and packing materials but I'm only keeping them for a week.

First I tried all the tricks that my other one won't do well and then I tried some new stuff. Everything worked exactly like I wanted it to. And way better than the Pfaff. I may or may not even take it to get it serviced. Having two machines would be a luxury and one I probably don't need. I'll decide later.

But, for now, I've got a happy sewer. Finally.

There has been a loud and not interesting concert going on all afternoon in the parking lot across the street. It is, apparently, something called Vans Warped Tour and will not be ending soon. I have the door shut and so far it's not been too warm in here and has kind of dulled the noise. However, I can still feel the bass. I'm having a get off my lawn moment here.

Maybe I'll go sew some more. At least it's at the other end of the house where the noise is not quite as loud.
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