Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

They didn't pick me

I just read all about the LJ post upgrade but, alas, I'm not good enough for the initial rollout. Yes, my feelings are hurt. It's not like patience is my long suit.

I just read that Amazon is buying Whole Foods. My problem with Amazon's food is their selection is just way too limited. My problem with Whole Foods is that their selection is way too limited. Neither place carries the stuff I want. Oh well. Maybe one day, I'll get the new LJ editor.

I think I'm getting better. Last night, I woke up maybe 2 or 3 times and was so very grateful to discover that I was not having any trouble breathing at all. At one point, I just lay there awake and aware and thankful. It was really nice. I have a cough but it's not an every minute cough and I can control it mostly by drinking liquids. And there is no wheezing (that's the first thing my doctor always wants to know). And, according to my tracker, I was able to swim faster and with more energy this morning than yesterday morning so I think I'm ok.

The gym was nearly empty and the pool was just me. No one else was swimming and even the old guys who hang in the spa weren't there. I did not see a soul the whole time.

I've got no big plans today. There may be sewing. There may be knitting. I'm making a sweater and am really kind of into it. I also may take a lunch walk. Either up to the park to check out the food trucks or over to Uwajimaya for one of their delicious poke bowls. Today maybe the last cool, cloudy day we have and I want to take advantage. Plus, of course, make my tracker happy.
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