Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The downside, for me, of Seattle weather is that there is rarely any drama. Despite what you see in the movies or TV, thunderstorms are infrequent. We used to get snow but now maybe only once a winter, if we're lucky. No tornadoes, no hurricanes. (I'm actually ok with those last two.)

In the summer when the leaves on on the trees outside my terrace, we get some rain, not much. But today we got lots AND massive winds which catch those leaves and whipped the trees around all day. You would have thought it was November with the wind and rain except there are leaves on the trees. Weird. And chilly, I finally closed the door to the outside for a bit to warm up.

It's been a fun day to watch from the inside. It might not have been that much fun had I been out in it but I wasn't so I enjoyed it.

My cold is annoying. I think it's ok and then I think it's not. Then I think I'm a hypochondriac and then I remember when I had pneumonia and couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe and I sure don't want to do that again. I am not a skilled sick person.

I did get the sewing room all tidied up today and a few other things done. I was about 5 minutes into a nap when the phone rang. It was the front door - Amazon. I let him in. But, no packages for me. WTF? I wasn't expecting any but thought maybe tomorrow's might have gotten here early. Nope. Oh well. Apparently, I didn't need that nap.

In all the wind and rain, they are setting up for the Rock and Roll Marathon. Apparently much of the rocking is going to happen in the parking lot out side my terrace. I just checked the street closures. It looks like I'll be able to get to the pool and home without issue. So. Cool.

Porkchop and Yucon gold smashed pototoes. (I read that today is the 25th anniversary of Dan Quayle's Potatoe Gate so I'm honoring him and spellers everywhere.)
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