Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I still have a cold and it's still not fun. Even after sleeping away most of yesterday, I had no trouble falling asleep last night and slept soundly until the alarm went off. I've got a bit of a cough but really no worse than usual, just different. I would feel silly taking this to the doctor but, honestly, I have no clue if/how I will know when it gets doctor worthy. I think I'm going to use my own comfort as my guide and just roll with the consequences.

My swim this morning was fine. The pool population in the mornings has really shrunk. I wonder if this is because of Summer. I'm fine with it but I do miss seeing my swim buddies.

The Seattle Times subscription is working out nicely so far. I signed up for their daily news newsletter and it's been really good. This morning I found out several things that I had not known before about the goings on around here. That's why I wanted the subscription so, yeah.

One discovery was that a large independent fiber arts (yarn and weaving stuff) store is closing. 20 years ago it was it for yarn around here. Now it's so not it that I learned this morning they moved the shop 3 years ago. I had no idea. And now they are closing. They carried very high end yarn. I'd bought needles and other small stuff from them now and again but not much else. Too rich for my blood. And, apparently, others as well.

The Mariner game is at 10 this morning. I do So no morning sleep. Good thing I'm not sleepy!
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