Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another day, another goal

The old tracker converted my swimming into steps. And then added actual steps for a total. It is far easier and more fun for me to swim than to walk so if I needed more steps, I just swam more.

The new tracker does no such converting and I can no longer side step my steps (hahaha see what I did there???). This afternoon I was close to goal. I needed to go to the T-Mobile store. Drive to the one in the Central District and maybe/maybe not do other errands? Or walk to the one up on 5th. The tracker made me walk. It was good. Well, not that good. Turns out my phone - a 4,000 year old flip phone - is no longer compatible with their systems. Sigh. The kids running the shop kept asking me how old it was I wanted to tell them it was older than all of them but that sounded like such an old lady thing, I passed.

I came home and ordered an old Kyocera candy bar phone for $15 on Amazon. Backup phone plan executed.

My cold is, so far, a very very mild one. AND only in my head and a little in my throat. But, I think I dodged a bullet.

I have a giant pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove. I have a bunch of pasta doen and I'll marry the two. Any left over sauce will get frozen and then the leftover pasta with sauce will get frozen, too. My freezer will be happy. And dinner tonight will be delicious.

No sewing today but I'll probably get back to it tomorrow. I have some stuff cut out and ready to assemble. The baseball game is at 5. I'll be ready.
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