Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

slow going

It's a good thing I only get a cold every 5 years or so because I really am not good at it. It's also a good thing that this one seems to be a very small cold that will, hopefully, disappear soon. But, meanwhile it's whalloped me. I did manage to get my swim in. And now that I'm tracking pace, I know it was the slowest swim ever. But, it was good anyway.

Then I came home, had a breakfast burrito and coffee and went back to bed and slept for an hour. And I was so cold when I got up that I switched to a long sleeved tshirt and may put on a sweater. I thought that was my besieged body until I looked at the thermometer. It's not even 60 outside yet and only 67 in here! Thank you, Seattle. I so appreciate your fabulously clement weather.

Mr. Ebay Scammer refunded my money!! All of it! With no return of his piece of shit fake product. And then, sent me an email asking what would it take for me to improve my rating of the sale. I had a list of things but I just deleted the email rather than entertain myself.

I'm off to the library. I have a book on hold that needs to be picked up.
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