Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The building manager for this condo - the one who I have never ever liked one single bit - is leaving! This might not be great news but at least it's different. I don't like him but most everyone else does and I'll concede that over the course of the last 2.5 years he has at least come to learn the building and managed it - however condescendingly. He got a 'better opportunity'. Of course, the next guy could be even more problematic but hard to believe he could be more condescending or offensive.

We've always had an onsite manager for whom we provide a condo on the 2nd floor. They were talking tonight about possibly hiring two people to split the job and not live on site. Or some other different situations. At least we have a very strong board with an extra strong president so things are in good hands. I'm encouraging.

I think I'm getting a cold which makes me not happy. As long as it stays out of my lungs, I'll be ok. Both my regular doctor and my lung doctor tell me every chance they get that anything stressing my lungs will not be good. At least it's Monday and not Friday. I should know by Wednesday if it's going to need doctoring and still be able to get in to see one or the other of them.

Meanwhile I had oatmeal for dinner and it was delicious.

Oh and I sold one of my Diamond Club tickets! One of them was for July 7 when my friends from New Zealand will be here. So I put it up for sale. I tried to add parking to the ticket today and had to end up canceling the sale. So I relisted it and it sold within minutes. My net of the deal is $300! I really hate that I can't go to the game but I hate it a little less right now.

And speaking of baseball... I had to pause the game while I went to the meeting. So, I'm watching the 3rd inning of a game that is very likely over. The Mariners are ahead in my current reality.
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