Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So far so good one this week. I woke up this morning from a disturbing dream that made no sense but was still disturbing. But, I woke up minutes before the alarm which always makes me feel on top of things. I had the pool mostly to myself and got in a lovely swim.

There is a home owners association meeting tonight. The baseball team is out of town all week - in the central timezone so early games.

This morning I'm going off to explore a new (to me) shop that was pointed out to me by someone on Reddit. It's a recycle shop for fabric/yarn/crafts type stuff. It's also over by a big Fred Meyers so I can check for the elusive Duncan Hines Perfect Size coffee mug cake mixes. It does not open until 10 so I have a while before it make sense to leave.

The scammer on eBay sent me two emails saying that he would refund half my money. NFW. Now he's saying that he will refund my money as soon as I fix my negative review to positive. I went to report him to eBay and discovered that their reporting process is too convoluted to bother with. I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to report him for review extortion and never could figure it out. If he refunds my money, great. If not, I will have wasted $22 and learned a valuable lesson so either way...

I have my Misfit vs. Fitbit entry nearly finished. Spoiler alert. Unless something drastic happens which I can't imagine, Fitbit wins.

The giant bruise on my hand left by the blood drawer 10 days ago is still a giant bruise. I'm beginning to wonder if it's permanent. While I love a whole lot about getting old, there are some bits that are annoying.

Time to go hang up my suit to dry.
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