Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back in the water again and it feels so nice

It really is just like riding a bicycle... I totally remembered how to swim. It was lovely. Then I went to the grocery store. There was a ketchup emergency. I had meatloaf for sandwiches and not enough ketchup. The meatloaf was only so so as hot meatloaf but very nice on a sandwich. I may also use some of it with some bottled spaghetti sauce and make up a batch of spaghetti + sauce in individual containers for freezing. They nuke nicely when the weather's too hot to fire up oven or stove.

Now I'm doing laundry. And thinking about what to do next or rather what to do when I get up from here.

I am sure I'm going to regret it, but I just subscribed to the Seattle Times. Because the deal is better than digital only, I got the digital plus Sunday tree killer copy delivered. There website sucks and their app isn't that much better but I do seem to click via their twitter feed quite a bit and we have a hot mayor's race heating up and local TV and radio news sucks.

Stay tuned for the royal bitch fest when I get fed up in 6 months and try and cancel and they fuck up the billing and keep delivering the paper anyway and it takes 57 phone calls to get them to stop.

Fitbit is edging Misfit out a bit in the tracker bake off. I'm not going to decide until at least Wednesday and I may postpone a week and just wear the Fitbit by itself to be sure, but while neither is perfect, and both have things that the other just doesn't, Fitbit is edging out just a hair.

Oh I just remembered to tell TiVo about the Tony awards tonight. For the first time in years, I have a dog in the race. Come From Away has 7 nominations and will be doing a song. I can fast forward through the rest.

Ooops dryer done. And the rest of the groceries are not putting themselves away. Game starts in an hour.
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