Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Creature of habit

I started swimming about 5 years ago. I swam 3 days a week and took water aerobics 2 days a week. Then I quit the aerobics and just swam 5 days a week. Then the LA Fitness opened in West Seattle and I started swimming every single day. I get up, brush my teeth, put on my suit and head to the pool. Every single day. I do not even think about it. I just go. I never think ugh, gotta go to the pool. And I never regret the 2 hours it eats up.

So it feels very weird to skip a day. At least if something happens tomorrow, I can hop in the car and head to another LA Fitness since no one has those classes on Sundays so all the pools are available for laps starting at 8. I'll be happy to get back in the water.

BUT at least I had a very fun distraction. We had a great drive out to the lodge. I hadn't been out that way and several years. Neither Frank nor I had been to Salish Lodge and it turned out to be quite a treat. We were given the most perfect table in the dining room with a killer view across the mountains. The food was really excellent and the service even better. And we took our sweet time enjoying it all. Plus Frank is always such an interesting and fun companion.

I have done very little this afternoon and I'm ok with that. I haven't even turned the TV on. I did make a meatloaf. I needed tomato paste so I went across the street to the little grocery/hipster coffee/wine place to get some. Between here and there is a hamburger sports bar and it was packed to the gills, I mean packed with... you guessed it... CANADIANS!!! I am really going to be sorry to see them go.

I'm glad they are having fun. Apparently a couple of hours ago there was a violent anti-Muslim protest in the park a few blocks over. The police used pepper spray to come everyone the fuck down. Glad I didn't wander over there.

The meatloaf is now ready to go into the oven and I think I'm going to see what TiVo has for me to waste the time with between now and the baseball game.
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