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I got to the gym, as usual, about 5 minutes before they are scheduled to open. One staff member was outside and said she didn't have a key. Cut to 20 minutes later now we have 3 staff members, no key, and a fairly large crowd of people waiting to get in. And nothing was happening. Finally I went over to the staff and asked when we might get in. They, without any apology or embarrassment said they didn't know. They had called everyone they knew and could not find a key. So no idea. You probably don't want to wait around. And they added sorry with the distinct tone of 'we really, honestly, don't give a flying fuck.'

Saturdays are the one day when there is really no Plan B. The only city pool open early is too far and only open for an hour and doesn't open until 8:30. The other LA Fitnesses all have aqua fit classes at 9 so really crowded at 8 and no way to even get in a good swim anyway.

So... fuck it. No swim for me. But, you know what? It's ok because I have other plans! I do.

Today is the birthday of ljtourist and we are going east to Salish Lodge for brunch! He's picking me up in an hour so without a swim, I have a whole extra hour to just do whatever. My dueling trackers are going to be pissed but I'm ok with it.

Last night's Mariner game was a hoot. I always get there when the doors open 2 hours before the game so I can enjoy my dinner and then still have time to watch the on field pre-game stuff. Usually there are a few people at each gate waiting when I get there. Last night we played the Blue Jays and the entirety of western Canada was jammed against the fence waiting, not very patiently, to get inside. It was hilarious. I mean there were hoards at every gate and they were loaded for PAAARRRRTAAAAY. Vancouver must have been a ghost town last night.

The crowds in the stadium well before the game were bigger than some of the game time games I've seen in Mariners past. And vocal... they really lost their shit when the very impressive choral group sang the Canadian national anthem. It was fun. And they were wild and really fun. And they stayed all hyped up about their lead until we quashed it in the late innings and then beat them. Great game though, and great crowd.

I am getting way better about standing up often which helps the walk home tremendously. The seats are very comfortable, kind of low and pitched back a bit so not easy to stand up out of. The first couple of times last night were tough. But, when there started to be big plays, standing up was happening quite a bit and I got better at it so the walk home was not as bad as it has been.

Next game is a week from Tuesday but it's against Detroit and we don't tend to get bombarded by Detroitians which is probably good cause I don't think they are as much fun as Canadians.

I got skunked by an Ebay deal but it was only for $22. I still feel stupid for falling for the scam. I wanted an additional Google Chromecast. I didn't wan the fanciest but the same kind I have in the living room that came out a couple of years ago.

This is what the receipt says I am getting:

So, you'd think I'd be getting what I wanted, right? Wrong. It looks very much like what I want but is actually a Wecast whatever the fuck that is. Not a Google product that is for sure. The actual listing, when I went back to check says:

I'm sure I'll get my money back eventually. I'm also sure that if I return it, I will NOT see return shipping charges paid. I feel like a cliche - the old lady who got scammed. At least I don't have an urgent need/want for the chromecast and it's only $22.

I gotta go get this swimsuit off and my brunch clothes on.
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