Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Diamond Day

Tonight is one of my Diamond Club nights at the Mariners and I'm quite excited about it. The plan I bought had a set number of games (15) and offered no choice in which ones. But, they did an excellent job of picking. There's a big gap in August which only one game but when I looked at the team schedule, it turns out, they really play much of August out of town. So this means that for June, July and September, I have about a game a week which is perfect. I'm already thinking ahead to next year... Will I be able to buy one seat? Will I get a seat choice? hmmmm

The Fitness Tracking Bakeoff is going well. Misfit keeps misfiring on their servers which does not help their cause. Fitbit does not track in a way that my health plan likes to reward so if it wins, I'll be missing out on maybe $25 a year in Amazon credits. Interestingly, they each recorded exactly the same yardage for my swim this morning. Misfit says I swam 87 minutes and Fitbit says I swam 67. (Fitbit is correct there.) Misfit says I burned doubled the calories of those that Fitbit records. Fibit tells me my pace. Misfit does not. Fitbit has both customer service and several different very active user communities. Misfit has a couple of never active user groups and absolutely totally tone deaf useless customer service. I think Fitbit is winning. So far. But, it's really only day 2 of 7.

The big news in my world today is brought to you by UPS. I get so many things delivered and a lot of them are via UPS. Like all the other services UPS has long had a way to sign up for special notifications but I was never eligible because my address tells them I am a business not a home recipient. But today they have a redesigned web page AND finally they allow me to sign up for tailored notifications across the board. And if I want, on some packages, I can even pay $3.50 and get the package a day early. I cannot imagine using that a lot but once in a while I sure can. And I love having the option. So kudos UPS!

I was even able to log into my account and see that the yarn I ordered will arrive next Thursday. And I haven't even gotten a 'shipped' email from the store yet! I do love tracking.

I have a shirt to assemble this morning. And there also may be some laundry done.
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