Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Playing Fabric Chicken

Often when you are knitting, particularly when you are not working strictly off a published pattern (which happens more than not), you are really guessing as to how much yarn you need. When you guess wrong and run out of yarn, it's called playing yarn chicken (and losing).

Today I played a variation I just invented called fabric chicken.

I have a new pattern I want to try and it calls for 5 pieces. It's another shirt but with some fancy-ish details and I really want to practice the pattern at least once before I sink $ into good fabric so I pulled out the scraps from my old projects. Most worked but some didn't and I had to add pieces. In my mind, the result will be a fascinatingly eclectic one of a kind piece of clothing. In reality, it will likely look like a blind seamstress made it but, what, ever.

I got all the bits cut out and organized. I'll probably put them all together tomorrow and we'll find out - art piece or trash.

Today we play Minnesota again. We've now beat them twice and probably pissed them off so they will come out with guns blazing. Oh well.

Chicken and eggplant for dinner. I haven't decided yet how I'm going to cook either. Probably roasting.
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