Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

May the best tracker win...

So the Misfit service was down all day yesterday. I sent in feedback and help requests and got back crickets. This morning, it was back online. I got a 'oh no! DM me with details' from their Twitter person this morning. And 3 emails asking for information - all of which was in my original requests and not needed to solve their problem. Their customer service so sucks.

The Fitbit arrived yesterday evening. The venn of them is that they both track swimming. The details of what and how they report the results and the other offerings they have is all really different. So now I'm wearing both. And the plan is to do that for a week and then decide which to keep. It looks ridiculous. But, who the fuck cares? Not me.

This morning, at the end of my swim, this really buff, very cute youngish (30's) guy who has been swimming several days a week lately asked me about my swimming - "you really go at it! are you training for something or just doing it for fun?"

Dear Buff Cute Guy,

Your good deed quota has been met for the month. Complementing an old lady on her athletic endeavors earns double points and a chance at our year end drawing for fabulous prizes. Thanks for your good work,

Sincerely, Karma

So last night, I was happily watching the game when BAM. Third inning. Here comes the asshole who usually ruins my Tuesday home games. I got Tuesday free from him but here he is to ruin Wednesday. So I hit mute. And I spent the game playing games on my tablet, while I listened to my audiobook and kept an eye, kinda, on the game. Just before 10 pm, it was the bottom of the 9th. Mariners 4 and Minnesota 5. There were two outs. A Mariner got a hit and went to first base. And then the catcher steps up to bat. He's been quite the hitter recently. And last night he plants a come from behind walk off home run winner. It was wild. And fun. Even with mute on.

When the asshole is not in the TV booth, I do love the tidbits dropped by the regular two guys. There's a guy who plays for Minnesota who was born in Germany and whose dad is a ballet dancer and his mom is from Texas. As much as I love Diamond Club games, and I really do, you just don't get that kind of fascinating detail.

The fire alarm is going off at the football stadium. It's been going off for about 20 minutes and I have not heard firetrucks so I'm thinking drill. And I'm thinking I'm ready for the end of the drill. Thanks muchly.

It's chilly and rainy today. Ordinarily this would be great news for me but they have not fixed that leak upstairs so it is raining on my new table cloth. Sigh. It's supposed to rain through tomorrow. My concern is if the ceiling falls in. It's on the terrace and so not really going to hurt anything irreparably but still it would be nice if it was fixed. I did get an email this morning from the building manager asking. I suggested maybe putting a tarp down upstairs. The good news is that I really don't have to worry about a fix or a repair, it will be done for me. Nice.

On today's list is to make a mat for Zoey. She's taken to these two particular spots on the day bed in the sewing room. And they are now full of cat hair. I think I have a use for those knit fabric scraps which won't work for dolls. They will work fine for Zoey nap mats - I just need to piece them together.

I may wander up to the park and get some lunch from one of the food trucks later. Gotta give these trackers something to track.
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