Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good day

My outing this morning was very successful. The tire place near me was happy to check my tires and refused my $5 until I told him to buy donuts for the break room. Nice to have an alternate to the one in West Seattle. yes, I know I can do it myself. no, I don't want to.

Sending pictures via text on Android (SMS) has always been a problem. Yes there are apps but natively, not so much. Until now. I got a picture the other day and was surprised so today when I needed to send one, I went into the regular (native) app and clicked away until it turned into an SMS app. Yahoo!!! Finally, I'm in with the in crowd.

The picture I needed to send was of my brother's chickens testing out the doorway. He left the hatch door to the ramp open this morning and they had been avoiding it all day until I caught them sticking their beaks out the door. They didn't go out I but they are clearly testing the waters. Those girls are really fun to watch.

Misfit is still broken and I have not gotten one response to my now three different entries. I did see a post on Google + from some poor woman who just got hers and can't get it connected. As frustrated as I am, at least I know how it works when it isn't broken. I'd be killing people if I were her.

As it is, I'm going to give the Fitbit Flex 2 a trial run. Amazon Prime Now is delivering it in a couple of hours. I'm sure I won't like it and will send it back but I really need a distraction.

This morning, I was looking at a new shirt pattern on line. It looked interesting. $13. BUT, it was free with the price of a copy of the SewSew Def Magazine which I've wanted to read but at $10 was hesitant. But, an opportunity to save $3?! I'm in. The magazine had several interesting articles and two free patterns. I downloaded the one I was interested in. It had 25 pages of very detailed instructions. So detailed, in fact, that I was able to figure out who to do proper seam surging on my own machine using a part I'd never known what to do with before! I also learned 3 other very useful things so I went back and bought a year's subscription to this magazine.

I got a poke bowl for dinner tonight and there's a Mariner game on TV. I have a new gadget to play with. Life is good.
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