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One of the IBM sales guys was a drinking buddy and he had a friend who had a small PR agency down the street from the IBM office and he needed to hire a new PR person. I went to talk to him and he seemed nice. The office was really small. I would be his 5 staff person and it seemed fine. He was perfectly happy to wait my 3 months and the pay was less than I was making at IBM but not too much less. So we agreed that in 3 months, I'd come work for him for a 3 month trial. Perfect.

My parents had talked me into joining them on a trip to New Zealand. It was a package deal - two weeks. I thought it was a fun idea but I had some reservations about spending a solid two weeks with them so I asked if I could invite John. They had never met John but said 'sure'. So I called John and he said 'sure'. And we went to New Zealand and had a blast.

We had a rental car and the whole trip planned so we just drove from point a to point b and saw what we were supposed to and had marvelous food and drink and met the most amazingly wonderful people everywhere. Like the guy who stopped to help us change a tire (or tyre) and insisted on getting a group shot before he went on his way and then mailed us the photograph when we got back home (that's how you had to do it in the olden days).

John did all the driving. He loved driving and none of the rest of us did plus I think he liked having a job to do. He and my parents got along famously. We all enjoyed each other as much as the country. It was truly a dream trip. Only it was too short for me and John.

On the way home, we planned a return trip, just the two of us, for the next year. And it was even better. I found a travel agent guy in LA (via Prodigy, as a matter of fact) who put together a tailor made trip for the two of us. This time we went bungy jumping (well, just me and on a dare). We went to the very bottom - Invercargill and flew down to Stewart Island where we had the best meal of my life in the B&B.

John on the beach south Invercargill Me on the tree phone on Stewart Island

It was yet another amazingly wonderful trip.

I think I should offer up a little explain here. I'd want to know if I were reading this. Like me, John had been married briefly years ago. He was my age. And we never slept together. We were BFFs but we never crossed the line to anything romantic. I was never tempted and I doubt he was. It was kind of weird but we never even discussed it. His taste in women leaned towards bimbos. I met a couple and they were generally air heads. He met a couple of guys I dated and I think he didn't approve of them either. He and I had a special, really nice relationship. When he died in 2005, it was a real blow. I was very lucky to have had him in my life and do miss him.

To be continued.
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