Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

An almost bigger win

I was (and am) excited about my new Mariners jacket but today's victory may just beat it. I started out to make a small cross body bag for essentials. But, by the time I got back to the sewing room, the idea had morphed into a bag... on a backpack!!

The jacket fits in the new pack nicely with room to spare. So, when I go to the game at 5 when it's still warm, I don't even have to carry it. Just plop it into the backpack. The zipper bag holds all my essentials. I even made a Seattle Mariner zipper pull. The Mariner logo wearing game in the diamond club is pretty fierce but I think this last piece puts me in contention.

I got a quote from the countertop lady this morning. Then we finally did talk on the phone. She seems pretty easy to work with so I gave her my credit card number. This is so we can go to email for the rest of our. We agreed on starting some time after July 10 (after my New Zealand friends' visit). I picked out a lovely purple laminate with a barely visible pattern and a bullnose edge. She needs to send me an invoice for half of the project cost and then we'll be a go. Yeah! Oh and I stopped by the manager's office to ask him what kind of permit/permission/advanced notice he needs and he said none. Woot!

I did walk up the street to the little deli with the good sushi and got me some and oh how good it was. Tonight is mac and cheese with fried okra. Tomorrow is house cleaner day so I can make a frying mess tonight without worry. I also need to spend some quality time picking up shit around here. Someone has not been tidy recently.

I think I'll write the next Continued piece and then get on clean up.
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