Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One of a kind

I finished my Mariners jacket and I'm massively pleased with myself.

It's exactly what I wanted it to be. Friday's game will be comfy.

Next up a new bag. The bag I made to take to the game has some design issues. I have a better idea now.

I had not heard a peep from the kitchen counter top guy so finally last week I sent him a note asking for an update. Of course, since it's me, he did not reply to my email but called me. With a terrible connection. And a lot of conversation and not any concrete info. He said maybe 2/3 weeks he could get to me. I said thanks but I'd find someone else. He said cool.

Finally this afternoon I got to digging around and found some other possibilities. One had a website with a contact form and a note 'call for quote'. Not a lot of Yelp reviews and no new ones but not bad. I filled out their web form and asked for an email address so I could send photographs and details of my request. Then I went looking for an alternative assuming it's going to take a bunch of inquiries. Before I could even find more, I got an email from the first one inviting me to send my photographs. Wait, what? Immediate response? And no phone call? So I wrote back with my specifics and photos and I'll just wait to look for more.

I'd like to get this done before my friends from New Zealand come to visit but I'm not hard over on that. Just really sooner than later.

I made very simple macaroni and cheese yesterday and it was inordinately delicious. I have leftovers for dinner tonight. Yum.
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