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IBM sent everyone involved to visit Phoenix to check it out. The company culture was still in the Hire 'em Out of the Crib and Delivery 'em to the Undertaker. They went for many many years never ever laying off anyone. Finally, they did but in the IBM way. They bent the corporation into a pretzel to avoid it and when it was not avoidable, they threw cash and benefits at those departing. But, first they did everything they could to keep rather than hire new.

So, we all got one or two all expense paid 3-4 day trips to Phoenix. The first one was to demonstrate what a great place it was. The second one was to nail down housing. I did not have an open mind on my trip. I had once been interviewed by the New Times - a weekly shopper that was 'what's happening in Phoenix' this week paper. So I looked for that as soon as I got there.

The cover story was all about available cock fights. YES cock fights. I'm from the south, I know about cock fights. I know to stay as far away as possible.

And, then the guns. OMG. I saw them everywhere. In the produce section of the grocery store. On the street. In the movie theater. It creeped me out no end. I hate guns. I know that tons of people feel otherwise so I have a great appreciation of laws to at least conceal them.

And gold lame... everywhere. I'd never seen so much platinum hair and gold lame shoes, pants, tops, purses...

Phoenix had great Mexican food. And Spring Training. But, it was not enough. If I could get over the rest there was still the heat.

So I came home and told them no thank you. They wanted me to go back and look again - this time at houses but I told them it would be a waste of their money. It's one thing to do a job I'm not crazy about in a city I love. But to move to a place I didn't even remotely like and still hate the job? Nope.

The offered me a very lovely parting gift. A half a year's salary. One year of fully paid health benefits and 18 months of COBRA. And they wanted me to stay on for 3 months. But, I'd have little to do. So, 3 months, full salary, big IBM computers to play with and all the freedom I needed to job hunt. It was not a bad deal at all.

I found a new job in about a week and they were willing to wait the 3 months. So then I went to New Zealand.

To Be Continued
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