Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Lightbulb moment

The pool is up a small flight of stairs. After I finish swimming with my legs stretched out for more than an hour, getting down those stairs reminds me that I'm old. Also there are many other signs and new ones appear all the time. This morning, it's my eyes. Usually, because I had permanent lenses installed after my cataracts were removed several years ago, I get too much light but this morning I'm not getting enough. Great. Eye problems. Fuck.

Then I realized that I'd neglected to turn on the lights. DOH. Well, that problem has been fixed!

This morning, the woman who's lately been swimming at the same time, asked me my name. Her's is Terry. Another gym friend.

Today I plan to finish off my new Mariner jacket. I planned the finishings while I was swimming. I may also make a new bag. And I have a new hat on the knitting needles. I checked a bunch of sewing books out of the library and I want to spend some quality time with them. There is no Mariner game today.
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