Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success success

I made a major error in planning/cutting out of my jacket but then quickly figured out I could work around it. I basted it together to make sure there were no more issues and it's going to work out fine! I'm so jazzed. I need to sew over the basted seams and finish off the edges, attach the hood and make pockets. But, it's going to work!

My knitting project is also working out, I think. I wanted to make a hat from the crown down to the ears but I could not find a pattern for how to do it so I just made it up. It took some ripping out and reknitting and ripping out and reknitting, etc. but, I think I've got it!

And the Mariners have a substantial lead in the 7th. What a lovely day.
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