Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fun but chilly!

Last night's Mariner game was really good. They took the lead early but a mid-game grand slam home run let us all relax and enjoy. Except it was pretty dang cold. The game before I took a blanket and vest and wore long sleeves and was way too warm. Last night, I was way too cold. I need Goldilocks! Instead, this morning, while I swam, I designed a Mariners jacket in my head.

It's made out of a fleece with the Mariner logo, etc all over it and it has a hood and pockets and is a swing type so that there's air for cooling or I can wrap it around me more tightly for warmth.

So, then, after my swim, I had to go get the fleece. I headed over to JoAnne's in Ballard. They don't open til 10 so I stopped at Safeway and at QFC for the damn Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake in a Cup mix. No go. I got the fabric. And, remembered to get gas. And got home before the baseball crowd started taking over my 'hood. So... success!

My next game is Friday and so far the forecast looks like it will be chillier than last night so the coat will get a maiden voyage. Now, I need to get it made.

I found out last night that the four seats to the left of mine are owned by casinos and are awarded as prizes. Learned this when I grilled the woman sitting next to me after she asked "so, did you win your seat, too?" On the right of my seat is a block of 3 seats. The first night there was a very nice, young cute girl with blond hair and perfect teeth. She was with two older (55ish) Japanese men. The two men spent most of the game in the bar while the girl sat in her seat and watched the game. Last night there was a woman and a man who were clearly together and with another woman. I need to find out what the story with those 3 seats is.

My brother's chicks are getting so big!
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