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In between jaunts around Seattle, I also played hostess with the mostest. My front door should have been a revolving one. Friends from all over came to see me and Seattle and I was a total tourist for really the first two years I lived here.

One thing I loved to do was take the tourist boat tours. I only have four really loooow quality pictures from those tours but I know there was more. The first one was with John and his sister (who came in from Chicago). I don't know where it went to.

But, John was also a fan so we went again.

My parents came to visit my sister and their grandchildren (who lived two hours drive and a 30 minute ferry ride north of here) but usually stopped by here on the way there and then on the way home. I dragged them onto the boat.

My friends Jim and Jim came up from California.

And Rick and Jack are another missing boat picture but at least I caught them at the Skaget Valley Tulip Festival we went to when they came to visit from Charlotte.

It was fun and it was wild. There's a great tour just down the street of the historic parts of Seattle. I'll bet I went on that one a dozen times in the first two years I lived here.

I mean I really did fall deeply in love with this town. And then, at work, they announced they were moving my department and my job to Phoenix, AZ.

Instead of my usual, hell yeah! I'm due for a new berg, let's do it! I was, for once, Fuck No. I Won't Go.

Phoenix??? And they tried hard to convince me. So I went to New Zealand.

To Be Continued
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