Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Frus Tra Tion

This morning I got an email from my online yarn shop. They have the acrylic yarns I like at good prices but charge a fortune for shipping. Often, however, they send out emails offering free shipping. Today's was free shipping this weekend. They give you a code. The code did not work. I tried using my account. nope. incognito mode. nope. On my chromebook. nope. on my phone. nope. on the windows PC with whatever they call that Microsoft browser. nope.

I sent them a note saying, my order is ready, in my cart, give me free shipping and I'll finish it off. Otherwise, no thanks.

Then I get an email from Humana Pharmacy saying my order for 4 prescriptions was being filled and they needed my permission for one. I had actually ordered ZERO. There is no way to cancel from their website. So I had to call - their phone system sucks. Finally I got someone who I could barely hear and she finally did cancel it. They also keep calling me with reminders even though I specifically marked email NOT phone as my preference. I asked her to fix that. She said that my account was marked NO phone so I shouldn't get calls. She could not explain the 9 calls I got last week. I have a t-mobile number that I do not use. It's for emergencies and costs me $3 a month. A while back, I gave that number to Humana. I keep that phone set to 'never answer any calls' and the 'you missed 9 calls from Humana' notification tells me that their system is fucked.

I went to two different grocery stores looking for a particular Duncan Hines cake mix. Couldn't find it.

This is kind of a frustrating day so far.

On the up side, my hand does not look as bad as I feared. It hurts but not unless I poke it. Whoever wants to piss me off should go ahead because I will not be punching anyone out until it heals.

The pool was not crowded, too cold, too warm or too green and my swim was delightful.

But, very best of all, I tonight is another Diamond Club night at the Mariner game. And it's not Africa hot.

Last night I figured out a knitting challenge I've been noodling for a while. At least I think I've figured it out. I'll be working on that today. And I need to make a button closure for my current bag which keeps upending itself and rejecting the contents.

And enjoying the cool while we have it.
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