Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So what do you have planned for the rest of the day?

I get this question a lot from people I don't know and it always annoys me because if I had plans, which likely I do not, I sure don't want to explain or defend them to a stranger. I don't mind it so much from people I know but still. I don't have anything planned. Maybe I'll sew, maybe I'll knit, maybe I'll just while away the hours fucking around on the internet.

I need to come up with a clever non-answer that I can have at the ready at all times. So what do I have planned for the rest of the day? Finding a good, witty, evergreen answer to that question!

I went to the doctor. And it was very nearly a totally wonderful experience. There was a new PA who I really really liked. (The old one had been there too many years.) And my doctor laughed because he could not find anything wrong. All my labs were good, my blood pressure was good, my oxygen was good, my lungs were very good... finally he settled on fat. As in I am too. He said that my recent weight gain was likely due to old age. I asked him if I could sign up for that deal where old ladies shrink into little old ladies. I allowed as how I was not amused by this special snowflake of being the opposite. He was just generally amused by me.

He signed all my wellness forms so I can get more points from my insurance so I can get more Amazon $$. He gave me a tetnus shot. He told me my next bone density test would be in 15 years. I allowed as how if I was still using the bones then, he was welcome to test. He did send me for more blood to test for Hep c. There was the only wrinkle. The blood drawer was not the most skilled. She could not find a suitable vein anywhere and finally went to the hand. Which I hate. And managed to blow up the veins in it.

If it never looks any worse than this, it won't be too bad but it feels like a giant bruise so I'm thinking this might not be the final color. At least she got enough blood and I don't have to go back again til next year!!

I signed up for a t-shirt class. What???? You have 3 t-shirt patterns that fit AND you have more t-shirts than you could ever use. WTF? Well, here's the F. I still do have one shirt that I did not make that I love that is kind of fitted and and fits perfectly and I'd like to have a pattern of it. Yes, I could do it on my own BUT. This class is at the store down the street and it is the only class they currently offer that I am even remotely interested in. I want to 1. support them. 2. use their machines to see if I like them. 3. get some tips on doing it right with knitted fabric (which is tricky but the only fabric I want to wear) and 4. - a biggie - how to use and learn the advantages of a serger. So. I signed up. July 22. Cool.

My terrace roof is leaking again. It only leaks when it rains. And, so far, the leak is very minimal. I caught it early this time. It's coming from a drain on the terrace of the unit above me. It happened before. The fix is easy. The guy who fixed it before is still around and can easily fix it again and will do the fix next week. And there is minimal, if any, rain the forecast. So not terrible at all.

I'm meeting seattlejo for coffee this afternoon. She picked a place, just down the street, that I've not tried yet. It's in the new Weyerhaeuser building. Win win win.
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