Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just got a comment on one of my recent journal entries. It's written using the Cyrillic alphabet. Rather than just jump to uninformed conclusions, I ran the first line through a translator. LOL. I'm now jumping to those conclusions.

I did take the walk up the street to the fabric store and then popped in and got a very delicious shrimp salad for lunch. The police had the street blocked off so I stopped asked why. Oh it's just an afternoon Mariner game. Wait? What? How did I miss that on the schedule???

So I came on home and at the salad and then spent the rest of the day watching but really not paying attention to the game and just flittering from one browser tab to another, trying to knit but kept getting distracted but nothing. I feel like that dog in the movie 'SQUIRREL!' Everything was shining and distracting. So I quit trying.

The Mariners lost and now it's dinner time. I did get two bear legs done and a half a bear arm and I stumbled on the disconcerting information that my sister's middle child works at Zulily - a place I pass by often. That's kind of freaky. She's apparently a junior stylist. I saw her birth and then maybe once or twice before she was about 6 but not since then. I would not recognize her if I saw her on the street so it does not matter. It just seems kind of weird.

I want to finish this arm before I start dinner. Oh, and no, not interested in selling a kidney. Still using both of mine.
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