Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I think I'm going to just have to get used to the fact that the morning after going to a ballgame will come with a hangover.

Last night, I got to the ballpark just after they opened the doors. I got a great table in the dining room. The staff knocks themselves out to give you the feeling that 'we know you paid exorbitantly for your ticket and our job is to make you feel like you are getting more than you paid for.' It's really quite remarkable. There is so much included with your ticket that there is really no way to take advantage of it all. I tried hard not to stuff myself last night and did better than last time but there is still mega room for improvement.

meowmensteen is this cheesecake yours? It was absolutely delicious.

My seat is in the very middle of the row. Both sides filled up once the game started and I stayed in my seat. This was fine except my hips and knees were not thrilled to walk the half mile home after. It was a tough slog. I need to figure out a better way. Maybe standing more between innings and walking more slowly to get home.

The game itself was great and the view from the seats, 9 rows back from home plate, is spectacular. Sitting that close really makes you feel like you are a part of every bit of the game. It's a wonderful feeling.

My next game is Saturday night. I'm so glad I bought these tickets.

So yesterday, bill_schubert turned the light off in the hen house during the day since the chicks are growing their own 'warmers' aka feathers. Without the heat, the chicks were fascinated with the lamp and kept pecking at it. He joked that he was going to get them a xylophone.

Only, it turns out, he wasn't joking!!!

They haven't found it yet but it's only a matter of time. They are very busy and chatter constantly, I'd love to be able to understand 'chicken' and know what they are talking about.

My phone pace clock worked great again today at the pool. I really am amazed it took so long for me to figure this solution out. I do need a bigger 'wet' bag. The one I have now is too fiddly to get the phone in and out of. Amazon to the rescue. Will be here today.

The fabric store down the street just announced they are expanding their retail/classroom space. I love this. They moved from another part of town into this neighborhood 2 years ago and the fact that they are expanding is a sign of success that pleases me. I need to find a class there and sign up. I also think I'll meander down there today and get some interfacing that I need.

Ok, now I think I'm caught up on the internets and sufficiently coffeed. Time to get on with my day.
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