Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Looking in the lost and found for patience

I have one ticket of my 15 game set that I cannot use. It's when my friends from New Zealand are here. I asked the Mariner sales lady about trading it with another Diamond club member for a different game. She said she would ask. I got an email saying she had no luck and I might try selling it.

So I went to the website and tried to do it intuitively. Fail. I tried this and that. I read the fucking FAQ's. I tried again. I have a 'sell' option on tomorrow's ticket but no others. The Mariner (actually MLB) website is a mess of misleading and missing information. The ticket management website (actually part of Ticketmaster - so you can guess the issues there) is worse. The mobile app is the worst of the bunch. It's really only worthwhile if you want to know where to get a hot dog at the ballpark (my hot dogs are delivered, thanks) or how to upgrade your ticket (no need, thanks). So I was already pretty pissed when I wrote an email to her and asked her what the trick to selling tickets was and if I was stuck with that damn mobile app for getting into the game.

An hour later she called.

IF I SEND AN EMAIL. REPLY BY EMAIL! If I had wanted to talk to you on the phone I would have fucking called you!

So, of course now I was pissed on top of pissed. And, I'm afraid, I did not hide it well. Especially when she told me that you can't sell a ticket until you click on the Print At Home Button. You don't have to print. You just have to click the button. Oh, now that's REAL, intuitive. And, turns out, of course, she's right. Once I hit the Print At Home button, I got the Sell button. Holy fuck me.

And, no, you do not have to use the horrible phone app. Again, hit the Print At Home button and use the resulting PDF.

But, next time, just fucking send me an email. And, of course, when you are on the phone, you tend to repeat. So she told me 'all you have to do is Hit the Print At Home Button' a million times. I kept telling her that I understood. Thank you. I finally told her that I was technologically competent if given the correct direction. And, she told me once again...

Seriously, email. Rule of thumb. Respond in media selected by the requester. Simple.

Ok, I may be nearly over it. Almost. Maybe.

I did get a small purse made. This was a Mike Zinnino (catcher) bbq apron giveaway that someone left on the free shelf (may it rest in peace). I made it into a sewing machine cover but I thought purse was a much better idea. It has a light pink lining because I hate it when the inside of my purse is dark and the light pink was the only thin enough light colored fabric I had on hand.

I also finished my hat. I like it. Next time I'll make the band a little smaller but I'm very happy with it.

And I did get my ATM card and I got cash from the ATM. So as soon as I get over being pissed, all will be fine.
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