Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday - er, Tuesday

I got more work done on my hat yesterday and I did some sewing and my arm was only slightly sore when I went to bed. So maybe it's not as bad as I thought. Hope not. I have more knitting and sewing planned for today.

Today's pool complaint is the clock. There are two clocks neither is placed conveniently for swimming but at least, if you stop at either end of the pool, you can check your time. (The Ballard pool has a giant pace clock positioned so that you can easily check the time without having to even break your stride but On Saturday, the clock was working but 15 minutes slower than the one at the other end of the pool. As I was leaving, I asked them to check it. Sunday, the slow clock was dead - 9:45. As I was leaving, I asked them to check it. This morning it said 7:45 the whole time. As I was leaving, I asked them to check it. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode of What Time Is It???

Tomorrow is my first Mariner game in my new Diamond Club seat. I am very excited. I'm going to make a new bag for it today. I hate having to even take a bag but I have to have tissues, chap stick, my cough stopping pills, sunglasses and ID, plus my phone. Not enough pockets. So I'm thinking a very small cross body thing that will hold the basics. Small enough that I can just wear with without having to take it off or keep track of it.

Oh cool. My here's-what's-coming-to-your-mailbox-today email says my replacement debit card is coming today. Whew. I need cash and I hate to use my credit card for that so I'll can just trot this new card to the ATM this afternoon. Nice.

My brother's little baby chicks are clearly headed to adulthood pronto. Amazing.

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