Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For most of yesterday, I sat right here knitting a hat.

The motion used in knitting this hat is different than the motion used in knitting a bear or something else. I noticed my wrist was tight when I took a break and went to the library but when I went to bed last night my whole right arm from fingertips to shoulder just throbbed. I finally had to get up and take an Alieve just to get to sleep. Not good.

So now, I know for sure, things that make my arm hurt: typing on the computer, swimming, sewing, knitting. Is this some kind of karmic joke??!! NOT funny!

I googled exercises and plan to start doing them today. Multiple times a day every day.

At least I do think I've fixed the swimming part. I changed the way I do my turns so that my right arm is no longer involved in the process and that has helped a lot. Now I just need to fix the sewing, knitting, typing bits.

Once again, no big crowd at the pool. Or the gym. It's supposed to be cooler today and so far the sun is behind the clouds so that will help the cool effort considerably.

The baseball game is at noon. I think I might try some pre-game sewing.
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