Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

81 degrees...

So I cleaned out the freezer. Yep, pulled everything out and reorganized it. I think I had 8 plastic bags of 2-4 slices of bread. Plus one of about 14 slices. I don't need bread for a while. I only ended up tossing a couple of small items. I consolidated many. I put it all back in an orderly fashion. I have since opened the door twice to just admire my work. Oh yeah, don't tell me it isn't exciting around here!

The Mariners beat Boston. I'm not going to even apologize. And while they did that, I made great progress on my entrelac hat.

That's the brim there at the bottom. It's knit up to the top of the head. I like it but, of course, I already know how I'm going to do the next one differently.

I made a quick trip out to the library to pick up a hold and then, of course, had to come home via the MacDonald's drive thru. Turns out I was not the only one. The four cars in front of me all, like me, drove thru for a cold something. Mine was a Rolo McFlurrie. Delicious.

Now I'm finishing up CBS Sunday Morning and then I'm going to finish up Fargo.

The pool doesn't open til 8 tomorrow so I can stay up late! Whoo Hoo!!
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