Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Unreal real estate

Since April, when I started tracking these sales, there have been 5 condos in this building that have sold (there are 102, total). Before this, we've had whole years when only one or two changed hands. Five a year is a big year. Five in 2 months is astounding. All have sold for way over asking and the asking has been high.

But, yesterday we broke the fucking bank. A unit, two floors below mine - one up from street noise and just over garage noise, 1105 square feet 1 bath, sold for $595,000. That's amazing to me but even more amazing... (for reference, my unit has a bath and a half and 1,244 sq feet and is on the 4th floor)

The unit was listed on May 11 with an asking price of $535,000.

So it went from listing to final sale in under two weeks at $60,000 over asking. The world has gone nuts. If I didn't already live here, I could never afford it. I don't think there are any more for sale in the building now which would probably kick up the price of the next one that goes on the market.


The gym was a ghost town. I had the pool to myself until my last 2 laps. And the water was not opaque green - a step up from last week. It's cool and nice so far here in the house. No need to turn on the air conditioner yet which is nice. I do need to get out and water my geraniums before they fry in the sun.

I started a new knitting project last night - an entrelac hat. That makes 3 knitting projects within reach of this chair - a bear, a poncho and an antrelac hat. There is also 1/10th of a mobius scarf in a drawer and 1/3rd of a crocheted blanket in the closet. I have starter-itis. And I need to morph it into finish-ville. But, not really. I'll finish them all maybe or maybe not. No big deal.

I have a new shirt cut out and ready to assemble at the sewing machine. I will do it eventually. Today? Don't know.

It's both fun and empowering to be your own retired boss.

The Mariners play Boston again today and the game starts in mere minutes.

p.s. I got my nugget ice machine last year as the Summer was winding down. I can already tell that as much as I love it in Winter, I'm going to enjoy it more than ever in the hot weather. Off to get more ice tea before the kick off.
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