Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I finished my tablecloth and I'm delighted with it. My next one should probably be an inch or two bigger but this one works fine.

I think I'm going to walk/streetcar to Fried Chicken. It's probably a mistake - the sun is too bright, I think there is a big hill between the streetcar and the restaurant. And I can't really judge how hot/cold it will actually be. But, for some reason I'm game to give it a try.

I need to leave here pretty soon to allow time for the slow streetcar and my possible slow walking.

Woops I forgot to post this!! Now I'm back.

The walk was way more than I bargained for. Hot and hilly. But I made it and while I won't do it again, I was kind of impressed that I was able to do it. From the streetcar to the restaurant was uphill 5 blocks. That was tough. But, turns out, downhill was nearly tougher. For the first time, my hips were screaming. I never felt that before. They do not like going downhill. Now I know.

The dinner itself was fun. Great conversation. The dark meat fried chicken was delicious. The coleslaw was good. The biscuits were exceptional. Best I've ever had in Seattle and in contention for the best I've ever had period.

I was careful not to check the baseball score. The game started 3.5 hours ago. Now I'm watching it thanks to Tivo. Hi Boston!
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