Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Success. Not easy but still.

Labs are done. At least my part. Driving from the pool to the doctor's office I downed a full water bottle and a half. The blood draw people always tell you to hydrate up before you come in and then, of course, there is the cup to fill. I had to wait a long time. Yes they open at 6:30 but with a very teensy staff and lots o' customers. Not the best.

I finally got in and did my standard apology in advance. While I am not a small woman (by any measure) I do have tiny tiny tiny veins and they are hidden under layers of fat. I am a vampire's nightmare. Usually if I fess up as I sit down AND add that I'm ok with multiple tries and even the best usually take a couple to hit pay dirt, it helps the sticker focus. Today, the guy couldn't even find a place to try. He finally dug around one elbow and got about 4 drops out before he abandoned ship. And then he went to the hand. I hate the hand sticks but he was good and didn't have to move the needle around too much. He finally got what he needed and didn't even leave a bruise. And by this time the water had kicked in nicely and I peed like a race horse. Done!

Since it's Friday before a long weekend, I wonder if I'll see the results today. I may have to wait until Tuesday. My expectations are set.

The pool today was nearly empty. It's so much nicer than that really better pool over in Ballard that is so crowded. I gave up on the book I was listening to. It's more than disconcerting to know that our government - under the guy who was really my favorite president of all time - was being run by such an idiot. If/when I ever stress out about the short amount of time I have left on this earth, I will think of her and be grateful I don't have to be around when her kind really comes into their own. She said a lot of dumb stuff in this book but the straw for me was when she told her readers 'never order dessert in a restaurant'. WTF? I'm moving on with the rest of what's left of my life.

My plans today include finishing up my table cloth or at least making progress with it. And brunch. Either a late breakfast or an early lunch. I'm meeting ljtourist for a very early dinner (or late lunch) at a place I've been wanting to go to for years. It's mainly a breakfast/lunch place with a very long line every time I've tried to go. BUT on Friday's they open for fried chicken dinner. And the owner is from North Carolina so chances are high that she knows how to do it right. I'm ready to test.

It's supposed to get hot this weekend but so far, it's just been lovely. I'd love to put hot off as long as possible.
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