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There was no particular urgency in the move from Rochester to California. The new job was one that Tom was creating and he hadn't done that yet. The old job was pretty much wound down already. So I had the luxury of time to explore, find a place to live, get properly settled.

The lab was located just south of San Jose and just south of it was a town called Morgan Hill. Tom and his wife had bought their house there and it just seemed like a good idea for me to move there, too. California real estate was nuts. Everything was top price and there was very little inventory. I looked at one place that was filthy and they were asking a bundle. So the next place I saw, although cookie cutter and in a development of condos just alike, I bought, probably because it was clean.

IBM moved employees around a lot in those days. It was said that IBM stood for I've Been Moved. They had it down to a science. And a bit of a gravy train. First of all, they paid all your closing costs - for both selling your old house and buying your new one.

They helped you sell your old house. You got 3 appraisals of the house and they took the average and offered you that price. So if you didn't want to bother and/or didn't think you could do better, just just handed it over to IBM and they gave you a check. The appraisals for my condo in Rochester came in way higher than I paid for it so, for once in my life, I finally made money on real estate! I sold it to the IBM broker gratefully.

IBM also paid for every single moving expense. They paid a service to pack your stuff. (And they would pack everything - the ash tray, was wrapped and packed, the ashes were also wrapped and packed - separately.) They paid for all the actual moving of stuff - car, boat, horses, people and all your belongings. And they paid for a service to unpack everything, put it away and take all the boxes. They paid for temporary housing with a per diem for meals and incidentals. Seriously, it was a sweet deal.

I was living in a little hotel/motel in Morgan Hill until my stuff could get there. My first Saturday morning, very early, I heard this amazing ruckus outside. There was a window just by my bed and I opened up one eye. And there, in the fields outside my room were 5 hot air balloons in various stages of taking off. They were so beautiful.

I fell instantly in love with California.

I got my stuff and moved in to both my new condo and my new job.

To Be Continued
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